Odds & sods

February has been a month of celebrations. Cigo’s gotcha day, Valentine’s Day, Pancake Tuesday, Super Bowl, birthdays, sap running, the pond finally freezing and more. We’ve had lots of opportunities to be with people we love and have fun together. Nothing has been extravagant. Everything has been special.

Of course, the biggest occasion was Ellie’s birthday. Our girl turned 5! We had a lot of fun celebrating together.

Celebrations don’t have to be complicated. Some fun food, a day off, being together become so meaningful. It’s worth making the effort to acknowledge special moments.

Here are some things that caught my eye this month.

What are you doing to help?

To boldly grow. A thoughtful discussion of “first-hand” food.

Books were of course a big part of Ellie’s birthday presents. This one is my favourite and this one is hers.

“At any moment each and every one of us is a bridge between different, disparate, and unknown realities. I exist between my known past and the unknown future of my people… My role is to know from where I have come, to help envision and anticipate what the future may be, and to act as a bridge between them.”

True Reconciliation by Jody Wilson-Raybould

I’m wrapping up this month by wrapping up a few work projects. I’m also meeting up with a few friends I haven’t seen in a while–more reasons to celebrate.

How was February for you? Did you do any celebrating this month?