Finding a home for a favourite table

Drop zone in the front entryway

Do you have a drop zone in your house? It’s one of those handy areas, usually near the entry, where you can “drop” things as you come in. Mail, keys, purse, receipts, stray paper.

Our drop zone has been set up for a long time, but I realized recently that I’d never shared it with you.

Maybe because I don’t consider this spot “done.” I continue to mull over the pieces I used in this space–and if we ever proceed with my big reno plan to move the front door, the drop zone will definitely relocate.

However, our drop zone is a great example of two of my favourite home decorating lessons: 1) buy what you like and you’ll find a way to make it work 2) use what you have. So despite thinking of this layout as temporary, it deserves a moment in the spotlight.

The standout piece is the table. This is my very first solo auction purchase. Usually I went to auctions with my parents and my Dad bought for all of us. Then one day my brother and I headed out to an auction just the two of us. When the table came on the block, I bided my time and then jumped in. I had $60 as my cutoff and went one more. I got the table for $65. (Auction lesson: most people will pick a round number for a cutoff. If you can go one more–just one more, don’t get carried away–you might be the winner.)

Carved wood table

I can’t remember exactly when I bought this, but I might have been in university–maybe even high school. For years my parents moved it around their house, trying to fit it in with their furniture.

Even when I moved out, Matt and I didn’t have a spot for it in our first house. But when we moved to the farm, this little wall was the perfect dimension for this table. See what I mean about buy what you like and it will work out?

I am totally a child of the nineties. Remember dark red cherry-ish wood? Back then, I totally envisioned a house with cherry kitchen cabinets, a cherry sleigh bed with matching dresser and nightstands. I love this dark red wood.

But one of my stumbling blocks with this table is the dark red wood. I’m not sure it really works with our house. It doesn’t seem “farmhouse” or “country” to me. I feel like I should maybe paint it. But I love the red wood. And if I don’t like it white, it will be hard to take it back to the wood thanks to all of the deep carvings.

For now, I’m happy to keep the table as it is.

The rest of this little spot is things that we already had. The basket on the bottom holds receipts. Every so often, Matt does a tally so that we keep track of all of our household expenses. The shallow wood saucer on the tabletop was made by my Dad. It’s a spot to drop mail or other papers and it usually holds a flashlight. The rest of the surface stays relatively clear. Usually my camera bag is sitting here, where it’s easy to grab.

Drop zone in the front entryway

Above the table is a little mirror that my cousin gave us for our wedding. Again, this was something that we didn’t have a place for at our first house, but it fits perfectly beside the light switches. The mirror is something else I mull over occasionally. The wall could accommodate something taller, and the gold frame doesn’t exactly say “country.” I have visions of making a simple barn board frame for a taller mirror… maybe.

Despite its shortcomings, this is a very handy spot. It saves things piling up on the kitchen island most of the time. And I’m happy to see my table finally find a home.

Do you have a drop zone at your house? What are essential features of a drop zone for you? Do you have any furniture that took awhile to find its home? Would you paint the table?