2 weeks

We’re two weeks into farm ownership. It might be starting to sink in that this is all ours. Today in the barn I had a moment of realization that this fabulous old structure is actually mine. Oh, and the forest, and creeks, and marshes, and ponds, and trees, and driveshed, and house too.

After looking for this property for so long, it’s still a bit unreal at times.

Here’s what we’ve done the first two weeks:

  1. Energy Audit
  2. Install new geothermal heating/cooling/hot water system
  3. Have all of the ducts cleaned
  4. Clean out and clean up the house
  5. Clean out the barn (mostly)
  6. Move in
  7. Upgrade the insulation in the attic
  8. Decide that upgrades are needed to the well and water system and meet with two contractors to start getting quotes
  9. Buy new washer, dryer, dishwasher
  10. Make numerous trips to Home Depot, Rona, Canadian Tire, Walmart…
  11. Pick up our newly refinished dining room table and chairs
  12. Buy fabric and foam to recover the seats on the dining chairs
  13. Cut down a huge tree that had a split in it and was dangerously close to the house
  14. Start to get acquainted with our two barn cats
  15. Get internet service
  16. Get telephone service (surprisingly, our high-speed internet was the easier technology to get up and running in an area where modems and dial-up are still in use)
  17. Make numerous repairs to the barn, including adding a door where there was just a door-sized hole, installing locks, fixing the broken staircase, installing lighting and plugs on the main floor, cleaning out many piles of scrap wood and bales and bales of loose straw–complete with four garbage bags full of binder twine
  18. Rehang the driveshed door so that it will now close
  19. Do minor electrical upgrades in the house like a new exhaust fan in the bathroom and a dimmer switch in the bedroom (including installing the latest in modern technology, a cover plate on the light switch! It was a little scary to fumble around in the dark without one there!)
  20. Unpack (somewhat)
  21. Take a few walks across the fields and finally venture into the woods

The credit for the barn and driveshed all go to my Dad and Matt (with an assist from my father-in-law on the new barn door). Dad spent a lot of time out at the farm supervising the contractors when we weren’t there and working to make things nice for us. Thanks Dad!

Funny how most of our attention has been spent outside at the barn. The house still needs a lot of work, but it’s completely habitable and as we unpack and settle in, I’m starting to feel more comfortable.

This is definitely where I want to be. I feel very privileged that we were able to make this happen and that we’ve found the property for us. It’s very special. Tiring and a lot of work, but still special.


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