Farm attire

I went to the feed mill after work today.

I was wearing my red dress, gold flats, dangly pearl earrings, navy trench complete with colourful silk scarf and carrying my sequined Coach purse. There may have even been panty hose involved.

Not traditional farmer attire

Yes, that is Ralph one of our barn cats eyeing my Coach purse.

I don’t think I have this farmer thing down yet.

Oh well, at least I wasn’t wearing the leopard print wedges I usually pair with this dress.

4 thoughts on “Farm attire

  1. I’m going all sorts of retro checking out some of your old blog posts. So let me just say this: I went to Tractor Supply yesterday to dog food and posts for the garden….in a full suit and heels. The amount the clicking of my heels echoed through the store was fantastic, in the most embarrassing way.

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