Basement reno begins

Here’s how we spent our Saturday afternoon.

The future pool table room

Basement before

Basement after

Basement after.

The space that I call the “long room” in the basement had barn board paneling on the lower half of the walls. Matt was not a fan.

It was chipped, water stained (notice the flood evidence in the first picture) and just a whole lot too rustic for our taste (and yes, that is plywood covering a broken window in the photo). The patches you can see on the upper half of the wall are not our handy work and in fact that drywall is now going to be coming down and completely redone, so just pretend it’s not even there.

After Matt finished with the frustration that was attaching the pedestals to our new washer and dryer, he was ready to hit something. That meant the paneling was doomed.

A few hours later we learned several things:

  1. Don’t mess with Matt when he has a wrecking bar.
  2. There is no drywall behind our barn board paneling… Huh, I guess this is going to be a little more work.
  3. The insulation behind the barn board is both inadequate and improperly done… Huh, I guess this is going to be a lot more work.
  4. Our piano (which came with the house) weighs about 3,000 pounds… and when Matt’s adrenaline is up, he can move it all by himself.
  5. You should always find the right breaker before you start to mess with an electrical outlet (my poor Phillips screwdriver will never be the same).
Basement after

Another angle of the room, including the lovely view we now have into the utility room.

This is going to be a long project, so don’t expect the final reveal next weekend, but I am pleased to say that work inside the house is finally underway.


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