Psycho shower

In previous posts I mentioned that our basement bathroom is deserving of its own feature. Well, here it is. The promised post on our basement bathroom.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Basement bathroom before

Hey, that looks pretty good. Shower, toilet, vanity, sink, mirror, light. All of the parts seem to there.

Let’s look a bit closer, shall we?

Shower in our basement bathroom

Psycho shower! No, this is not a crime scene. We have some issues with iron in our water.

Psycho shower on a platform

Psycho shower on a grody platform (and yes, some demo has taken place between the first two photos and this photo)

Decent sink, but ugly faucets and some spray issues

Decent sink, but ugly faucet and some spray issues

Off-centre light

Off-centre light (and random vent… don’t know what it’s covering yet)

Exhause fan

Exhaust fan issues (we haven’t touched this yet. This is actually how it was when we bought it.)

Cushy toilet seat

Cushy toilet seat with colourful hunting scene on the lid

Lovely, isn’t it?

We knew from the first time we saw it that we would be tearing out the basement bathroom entirely. Here’s the vision for what it will be.

Not at all psycho shower

Decidedly not psycho shower. Source: Aubrey + Lindsay’s Blog

While most of the key features of the bathroom are in place, the one thing that we’re missing is storage, so the reno will have to include space for extra soap, toilet paper, towels and all of the other stuff that is part of a bathroom. Something like this will be perfect.

Built-in storage

Source: Houzz

Here’s the floor plan before.

And after.

Basement bathroom floor plan after

Much larger shower (hopefully not on a platform), with a ledge at the one end for shampoo and soap. The other side of the ledge will be floor to ceiling storage. Source:

Like in the rest of the basement, we’re not making major changes to the layout, but everything will be coming out and the walls will be opened up and the insulation will be upgraded. We’re probably going to reuse the vanity, albeit with a new faucet. There will be a new toilet, new floor, new lighting and lots of nice, clean, new tile.

After growing up in a house with only one bathroom, Matt now requires his own bathroom. So I will be the main user of the upstairs bath, and this one will be all his. Somehow it doesn’t seem entirely fair that he gets the nice new bathroom all to himself. Don’t you think?

For more inspiration images, including ideas for fixtures, see my basement bathroom board on Pinterest.


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