Free furry friends for you

Kittens in the roses

Our blue-eyed babies in the roses.

Imagine walking in your front door after a long day at work and seeing one of these grey fluff balls bounding towards you, completely overjoyed that you’re home.

Imagine sitting on the couch, a warm ball of kitten curled up beside you.

This could be your reality.

Kitten lying on its back

I love tummy rubs. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

If not for yourself, then for your children. The school year is winding down. They’ve been working really hard. They deserve a reward. Just think of the lessons in responsibility they will learn from caring for a kitten over the summer. Never mind all the fun they’ll have playing with their new furry friend.

The kittens are six weeks old, and adoption proceedings are now beginning. We have three girls and one boy. They’re all light grey. And they are all free to good homes.

If you’re interested in a kitten, please let me know at


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