Garbage day

In our relationship, Matt and I have worked out a certain division of labour. I do the laundry, and he does the grocery shopping. I clean the bathroom, and he takes out the garbage.

Matt may want to renegotiate our agreement since moving to the farm.

Wrangling a big green bin, at least one recycling box and a garbage bag down a 150 metre driveway takes a bit more effort than it did in the city.

The other night he roped Wylie into helping.

Tractor on garbage day

Wylie was happy to oblige.

Matt usually uses a little pull cart that perfectly fits our recycling boxes. He can fit two blue boxes and balance a garbage bag on top. It can be a little hazardous to the heels, though, because the cart has a tendency to pick up speed going down the hill on the driveway. And towing the green bin with one hand and the cart with the other takes a decent level of coordination.

I think the tractor is the way to go.

What’s the division of labour in your house? Does anyone actually like taking out the garbage?


8 thoughts on “Garbage day

  1. hi Julia! Smart husband and Wylie looks like a great addition to the family! Dan uses Big Blue to bring the hand mower up the the front of the house were we use it. So helpful in carrying things around, yes?! I wanted to say that I asked Dan and he said the turf tires work great for the snow.
    happy summer,

  2. We have a fairly consistent division of labour around here. Sharon tends to look to the big scheme of things and I am far more detail-oriented. But in the end, we take turns on lots of things.

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