Hopping at the homestead

Now I don’t claim to be any great housekeeper, and I admit that while we’re under renovations I let the cleaning routine slip a bit. However, Sunday morning I was a bit surprised to see a very large dust bunny in the opening of the bedroom doorway. Especially because I had run the shop-vac around the main floor just the day before.

I was even more surprised when upon closer inspection I discovered that the dust bunny was actually a dust toad–and it was alive.

Yup. Forget mice, although we have had three of those so far. When it comes to animals in the house, Matt and I start with snakes and then go on to amphibians.

With the help of a piece of cardboard and a tupperware container, Mr. Toad was relocated to a more hospitable habitat outside in the garden.

Toad on a rock

Mr. Toad, still slightly dust covered, but now safely in the garden

I don’t know where he’d been on his tour of the house, but he was caked in dust, so I hosed him off and then gave him some hands-on attention to remove a few remaining clumps.

He seemed pretty exhausted from his escapade, so eventually he gathered his strength to crawl into the leaves to recover.

7 thoughts on “Hopping at the homestead

  1. I love encountering creatures and realizing that they are living around me when usually I don’t catch a glimpse of them. Once my sister and brother-in-law were staying in their friends’ house in France while the friends were away, and they had the front doors open because it was really hot. Suddenly they realized that hundreds of tiny frogs had hopped into the house. They were everywhere! O.o

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