The roof is done.

I’ll post a full project wrap-up next week, but right now I’m too stupid tired to coherently tell the full story.

For the weekend, I leave you with some photos of what happened this week.

Bundles of shingles on the roof

The before shot: A portion of our 110 bundles of shingles sitting on the roof awaiting installation

Stripping old shingles from the roof

Work begins: Matt and his dad start stripping the old shingles off the roof

Bundles of shingles on a plywood roof

The end of day one: Note the naked roof and the new shingles waiting to be installed

Let’s take a bit closer look at this photo, shall we? This image pretty much sets the scene for the rest of the week.

Matt and me

The dirty duo: Matt and me at the end of day one.

This is the “I’m trying to smile, but every single muscle hurts right now and I’m too tired to make the proper facial expression” look. Oh, and the reason the upper half of my face is the only part of me that is clean is that I was wearing a hat and sunglasses all day. I’m sure if I hadn’t the dirt would have been up to and into my hair.

Toad on the roof

The toad that showed up on the roof two mornings in a row. If he’d brought his tool belt, we might have let him stay up there. And can I just ask, what is it with us and amphibians?

Half shingled roof

The sun rises on the second day of shingling: On day one–also known as the 15-hour day–about two-thirds of the roof was shingled and the remaining old shingles were stripped.

Matt on the freshly shingled roof

The end of shingling day two: As the sun sets, Matt gives his best Scott McGillivray pose on the finished roof

Matt laying on the roof

A few minutes later: Matt’s muscles give out and he collapses from exhaustion–nail gun in hand still wearing his hammer, tool belt and knee pads.

I’m wishing everyone a good weekend. I sincerely hope that Matt and I will be doing nothing.

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