Fall fashion preview

Accessorizing your house with Mother Nature is always in style. For this fall, it’s about accessorizing your hair with natural elements.

Burrs in long hair

Bring on the burrs

Burrs have long lasting hold and can be arranged in a variety of artistic patterns. Just touch them to your hair, and they will be held firmly in place, no need for additional pins or spray.

Removal is a challenge, but with a lot of patience, a gentle brush and high pain tolerance, scissors can be avoided.

Watch for these natural fashion accessories to appear at farms and forests this fall.


11 thoughts on “Fall fashion preview

  1. This JUST happened to a friend who came over to help work on my rubble pile clean up. She had six of them right on the top of her head and I was like…. oh dear god, we’re going to need the buzzer. Patience paid off though!

  2. Until I read the comments I thought you put them there, they are in such a neat row! Sometimes our dog comes home from walks with hundreds of tiny burrs in his fur. But unlike people, he actually loves the attention that goes with getting them out.

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