For sale: Woodstove (low mileage)

Item #8 on our fall to-do list is to sell the woodstove that we drove up the stairs out of the basement (hence, Matt’s low mileage joke in the title of this post).

Woodstove and stainless steel chimney

This could all be yours

The stove is still living in Matt’s future parking spot in the driveshed, but it is now officially for sale. The ad is live on kijiji and flyers are going up in the post office, feed mill, library and other local hot spots.

If you’re interested in a woodstove of your very own (and are in the Hamilton area), here are the details:

This large freestanding woodstove made in 2003 by top Canadian manufacturer Regency will heat your whole house, thanks to a built-in electric fan. Sale includes insulated stainless steel chimney, wall heat shields and everything else you need to set up your own private heat source.

This stove can be WETT certified.

  • 2003 Regency large freestanding wood burning stove with electric fan
    Model CSA B366.2, Width: 28” Height: 34” Depth: 28”
  • Stainless steel insulated chimney, 12” exterior diameter, 7” interior diameter
    Five 3’ long sections and one 16” section (16’ 4”: total lineal feet)
  • Cast iron chimney, 7” diameter
    One 2’ section, one 10” section, one 90º elbow
  • Two heat shields 22” x 52”
  • Plus all other chimney sections, connections and caps required for installation

Don’t sit around watching your heating bills soar this winter. Sit in your nice cozy living room (or basement, workshop or cottage) watching flickering flames through the glass door on your very own woodstove.

Winter is coming. Don’t delay!

We’re asking $2,500, although we are of course open to offers.

If you’re interested, contact me at

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