Christmas comes early

Merry Christmas to us!

Decor-Rest sectional couch with chaise

Sorry for the lighting. Winter hours plus being underground make for challenging photography.

The sectional we bought for the basement–Matt’s and my Christmas present to each other–wasn’t slated to arrive until maybe Dec. 22. However, the Christmas elves were obviously working overtime, because the couch showed up early.

Unloading couch from delivery truck

Despite the fresh snow, the couch arrived by truck rather than sleigh

There may have been a happy dance when I heard it was on its way… Okay, and a fist pump too.

Sectional pieces prior to assembly

The sections of the sectional as our delivery team elves set it up

We went with what I would term a semi custom sectional. It’s made by Decor-Rest, a Canadian company, and we ordered it through Smitty’s Fine Furniture, another Canadian company.

Semi-custom means we got to pick the configuration and the fabric from a selection of options. We went with a pretty neutral grey-black-white tweed fabric, and then I picked a few brightly coloured cushions to pep up the fun factor.

Retro striped cushion

It’s probably not everyone’s taste, but I love the bright colours and retro look of the striped cushion

Ever since I first saw the basement, I knew I wanted a big corner sectional with a chaise. With this couch I definitely got my Christmas wish. The couch fits perfectly in the corner and has lots of space for Matt, me and anyone who comes to visit.

Chaise extension on a sectional

Although please do not sit in my seat

It’s incredibly comfortable too. In fact, there may have been an hour-long nap one evening when we were supposed to be working on finishing touches in Matt’s office.

I’m looking forward to a lot more of those soon! Maybe over Christmas vacation?


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