In the most recent issue of Style at Home, editor Erin McLaughlin talks in her column about what makes a house a home. She writes, “It means filling your space with things of significance, things that are a reflection of who you are.”

Then this week Jen at Rambling Renovators posted about a painting she had made of her wedding gown as a reminder of the feelings she had that day wearing that dress.

These two articles got me thinking about the different treasures that I have gathered through the years.

One of my favourite treasures is a watch pin that I inherited from my grandmother.

Watch pin

My grandma wore this everyday. She couldn’t wear a wristwatch, because they always stopped–I have no idea why this was. My mom told me once that when a dowser came to dig a new well at their family farm, my grandmother found out that she could witch water, so maybe she had some unusual energy?

My grandma wearing her watch pin

The watch is for the wearer, so it hangs upside down. When I remember my grandmother, I can vividly see her tilting the face up so that she can see what time it is.

I treasure this pin for its uniqueness–I haven’t seen many watch pins–and also for how it signifies my grandmother and the times we shared together. For a small metal object, the associations this pin has for me are very strong.

What about you? Do you have any treasures that remind you of favourite people or occasions? What makes a house a home for you? How do you enjoy your treasures? Do you wear them or display them around your home? What are some of your most treasured things?

9 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Some of my most favorite treasures are the clothing items I took from my Memere and Pepere when they passed away. Today I am actually wearing one of the skirts she made. We had almost the exact same measurements so it means I fit into her clothes perfectly. I find it both awesome and a testament to the quality of today’s clothes, that not only hers held up, but that I without a doubt always get a compliment whenever I’m wearing one of her pieces. The lady had good style. I’m hoping that if we have a daughter down the line I can try and preserve some of the pieces for her someday.

    On another note: You’re the only blogger that I have on an email notification when you post something new. 🙂

  2. I have snowflake earrings that were my nana’s (snowflakes were the theme of my wedding, and I carried her earrings in a little pouch with my bouquet), and a ceramic string elephant from my grandma and grandpa. It is a blue ceramic elephant and you put a ball of string in the back and feed it through the trunk. Lol. I remember it sitting on a shelf in their kitchen.

      • Yeah, it’s the only one I know of! LOL. Thank goodness someone held on to it after my grandparents died. I didn’t think to ask for it until very recently, and my aunt said I could have it. So it has proudly sat on my shelf for about a month now! It’s one of those things that I always think of when I picture my grandparents’ house!

  3. I have some art that my Mum made. My favorites are two that she didn’t think were frame-worthy, one an art class study of a pile of rope on the deck of a ship, and the other a pencil sketch of an incredible birch tree. I framed them both, and they mean the world to me. 🙂

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