What once was lost now is found

So remember the other week when I went to an auction and missed out on a couple of items because I was too slow on casting my bid?

Remember how I mentioned the farm itself was going up for auction?

Well, a week ago there was a preview where prospective buyers could tour the house and the property. We’re not prospective buyers, but we are nosy neighbours, so of course we went over to take a look.

The house is beautiful. It’s a great stone house that’s been beautifully restored and updated. Amazing thick walls, stunning wide plank floors, surprisingly big bright rooms. But the house wasn’t the highlight for me.

Browsing through the barn, I saw the metal boxes that I’d wanted to buy at the auction. They’d been bundled into a lot and sold, but obviously the buyer hadn’t wanted the extra items. Seeing them made me wonder what else had been left behind. I wandered over to the other side of the barn where I’d last seen the wagon wheel hub, which I’d also wanted. Under a metal barrel lid and amongst some of the smallest kittens I’ve ever seen was the hub. Score!

I trotted back to the house, found the owner and offered him $5 (the two lots sold for just $2 each at the official auction). After a quick check with the auctioneer to make sure the buyers probably weren’t coming back for their items, the boxes and the hub were mine. And even better, the owner gave them to me for free!

Wagon wheel hub and metal boxes

Everything needs a hit with the hose. My plans right now are for the hub to simply be a decoration, perhaps on the fireplace hearth. The metal boxes might hold jewelry or office supplies.

What would you do with them? Have you ever struck gold after you thought you struck out?

10 thoughts on “What once was lost now is found

  1. That’s awesome! You must have been so pleased. I really want to go to some country sales and auctions, preferably in a non-touristy area so the prices aren’t all jacked up.
    PS – next time, pix of the tiny kittens, please! 🙂

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