Snow dog

With just a week to go ’til Christmas, I’ve decided to keep it light and turned the blog over to Baxter. In the meantime, I’m still working on the house behind the scenes and will have lots more DIY for you in the new year.

Being that I’m a Kentucky boy, Matt and Julia aren’t sure how much experience I’ve had with snow. Well, I’m keeping that bit of information to myself. But I will tell y’all that snow has come to the farm.

Julia said how some of y’all had been asking for snowy pictures, so I told her to put on her boots, put on my leash (on me not on her), pick up the camera and get out there!

Hiking through snowy woods with the dog

Julia and you other humans just can’t appreciate how sniffy snow is.

Baxter sniffing in the snow

When I’m not sniffing underneath, I’m sniffing over top. It may look here like I have a chilly foot, but this is just my point pose. I’m a natural.

Dog's snow-covered paw

It has been pretty cold here, and I’ve had to tripod it a few times. It’s hard to be a (figurative) cool dude when you’re hobbling around on three legs, but I don’t let it slow me down much.

Full speed ahead through the thick woods means that more than my feet get snowy.

Snowy dog

In case you can’t tell, Kentucky boy or not, I’m a natural snow dog.

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