Getting along like cats and dogs

Given that it’s the week before Christmas, I’ve decided to keep it light and turned the blog over to Baxter. In the meantime, I’m still working on the house behind the scenes and will have lots more DIY for you in the new year.

These photos are old. I don’t know how long in dog months, but y’all saw on Monday that there’s nothing green outside these days. I wanted to show y’all how hard I’m working to be friendly with the kitty-cats.

First, Easter ignores me, even when I give her my most puppy-dog-eyes through the window.

Baxter and Easter

Then she comes closer. I stand very still–except for my tail which I keep wagging.

Baxter and Easter

Finally, our eyes meet, and she sits down. She sticks her tongue out at me, which is okay ’cause I’m pretty sure she’s just being licky and not actually being rude.

Baxter and Easter

She stays for a few minutes, but then she hops down and runs away. When we’re both outside together, she never lets me get this close. I have to admit to y’all that sometimes I’ve been a bit impatient and chased her. I just want her to be my friend.

I think Easter has maybe found a new friend. We haven’t seen her around the farm much in the last little while. We’ve all looked for her–I did my very best sniffing. Julia was saying all kinds of not nice things about coyotes and cars, but then Easter came back one day for a little while. Now Julia and Matt think she’s found an attractive he-cat with a warmer barn somewhere in the neighbourhood. I hope she hasn’t found a dog she likes better than me.

Ralph is still around, and she’s not running away from me as fast now. I think she’s a little lonely without Easter. She still won’t let me get close, but I’m hoping that for Christmas we can be friends. Wouldn’t that be the bestest present ever?

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