Six(teen) years

Six years ago this weekend, Matt and I got married. Sixteen years ago this month, we went on our first date.

How far we’ve come.

Last year, my sister gave us an anniversary card that I thought was hilarious. Just completely perfect for us (if you assume Matt is the one who’s speaking, of course).

DIY renovator anniversary card

I feel extremely fortunate to have not just a husband, but a partner. Matt and I each have our own strengths, our own preferences and our own ideas. However, at the core, we are completely in sync, and I am so grateful for that.

He’s always watching the numbers, making sure we can do what we want to do. He’s a sounding board for my crazy ideas and always willing to share his own opinion. He’s as enamored with farm living as I am.

I love the life that we’re building together, and, Matt, I love you very much. Happy anniversary.

12 thoughts on “Six(teen) years

  1. Happy Anniversary to a fellow winter bride! Our 7 year wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks, and we will have been together for 14! Crazy how fast time goes, eh? Hope you guys do something special for your anniversary!

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