Progress report 2

Another Friday, and time for another update on how we’re doing with our February project of painting the foyer, hallway and kitchen.

We have colour!

Hallway painted Benjamin Moore Abalone

It’s subtle, but I promise it’s there.

Just to remind you, here’s how the hallway has looked throughout this month.

Progression of painting our hallway

And here’s how the colour stage went down.

Thank goodness for three-day weekends
Two coats of the colour took longer than I expected, but, like everything else that’s been on the to-do list so far, we finished it, and we are on schedule.

Tag, you’re it
Painting at our house is a game of tag, as I cut in and try to stay ahead of Matt who handles the rolling. On the first coat, he caught me quickly. Cutting the ceiling, baseboard, nine doorways and the kitchen meant that I was extremely slow.

I was so glad I made the decision to take off the chair rail. I would not have been happy if I’d had to do more cutting.

On the second coat, Matt didn’t even start rolling until I finished edging the hall and the kitchen. This timing ended up being perfect, as we finished at exactly the same time.

Scraping the bottom of the bucket
We had just enough paint. I bought two gallons, even though Matt thought three might be better. We were probably a bit stingy towards the very end of the second coat, but I still think we have a good finish on the walls… and less than 200mL of paint leftover.

Left over paint

Change it up
We chose Abalone, a popular neutral shade from Benjamin Moore. I find this colour very changeable, which I like. At night with the lights on it looks very grey. In the morning with the sun shining in the windows, it looks more brown.

Lighten up
I had the paint mixed at 75% saturation, as our hallway and kitchen tend to be a bit dim. I was a bit worried that lightening it would change the colour, but it still seems true to the Abalone tone, and the lighter shade works really well in our spaces.

How do you pronounce Abalone? Is it “own” like “home alone?” Or is it “onee” like “baloney?”

Coming up
The major work of painting is obviously done. I’m keeping my eye out for touch-ups, but so far haven’t found any spots that inspire me to break out the paintbrush again.

Since I took the picture at the top of this post, I’ve put the cover plates are back on all of the plugs and switches. Which leads to the final item on my original to-do list: install new light fixtures.

Matt, aka “he who hates pigtails,” aka “in-house electrician” will take on this task this weekend.

What’s on your to-do list for this weekend? What’s the division of labour at your house when it comes to painting and electrical? How do you pronounce Abalone?


7 thoughts on “Progress report 2

  1. Very nice and bright! How awesome that it’s done, and on time, too. Sounds like a good division of labour. I would pronounce it like baloney. I think it’s named after a kind of shell, do you know?

  2. Re: abalone, we grew up in California, where they have ’em. There was always an abalone shell ashtray in my parents homes. The interior of the shell is highly iridescent – you get a rainbow of colors. We pronounce it a-ba-LONE-ee, with the first “a” as in “cat.”

  3. Knowing nothing about it at all, in my head I would pronounce it as a-baa-lone. However, since I am outnumbered, I am probably wrong! 🙂

    Your hallway looks great! So fresh and clean!

    I am not sure what we have planned for this weekend. I made a master list of the projects that need done in every room. My BF is not a list person, he feels overwhelmed to see it all written out, so the list is just for me. I am thinking we may start crown molding since I have the painting done. I’m scared, I’ve never tried crown before!

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