February goals wrap up report (and a reveal)

It’s the last day of February and time for the final report on how we did on our goal for the month of painting the main floor hallway, foyer and kitchen.

Want a sneak peak?

Hallway painted Benjamin Moore Abalone

Yup. We have light fixtures, art and fresh paint. Hallelujah.

Just for a reminder, here’s a look back at how this project unfolded over the month:

Progression of painting our hallway

Heading into last weekend, the final task on our list was installing light fixtures. I chose school-house type fixtures from Home Depot (a complete source list is below). There were lots of options through their web site, and these were about the cheapest. I love how the dark oil-rubbed bronze contrasts with the light coloured walls, our pristine white ceilings and echoes the dark tones of our picture frames.

 World Imports Luray Collection Oil Rubbed Bronze 1-Light Semi Flush mount

The light fixtures came in both a semi-flush mount, which I used in the hall, and in a pendant, which I used over the island. I love these lights and have wanted to use them for awhile. They have so much more personality than the boob lights that were there before, and I think they work very well with our casual country setting.

 World Imports Luray Collection Oil Rubbed Bronze 1-Light Pendant World Imports Luray Collection Oil Rubbed Bronze 1-Light Pendant

The final task on our to-do list was also where we fell off schedule a little bit. If I zoom out a little bit you’ll see that we’re still missing one light fixture in the foyer. I’m DIYing this one and need just a bit more time to pull it together. This angle also gives you a glimpse of the kitchen, hallway and foyer all together.

Hallway painted Benjamin Moore Abalone

This one miss aside, I’m declaring February’s project a success.

For us, a month was a realistic timeline to completely transform these spaces. My schedule worked really well to keep us on track. I kept a rough tally and for just the painting, we spent about 25 hours. We worked steadily but didn’t stress ourselves out trying to get it all done too quickly. I’ll definitely be mapping out monthly goals again.

The main floor feels fresh and new. Having Matt’s grandpa’s paintings on the walls really makes the space feel like ours. I’ve fallen even more in love with my house.

Anyone else go through a transformation this month? What did you accomplish in February?

Source list:
Wall paint: Abalone from Benjamin Moore (75% intensity)
Trim paint: Cloud White from Benjamin Moore
Light fixtures: Luray Collection Oil Rubbed Bronze 1-Light Semi Flush mount (this one doesn’t seem to be available online anymore) and Luray Collection 1-Light 34-5/8 in. Hanging Oil-Rubbed Bronze Pendant both by World Imports through the Home Depot
Paintings: Family heirlooms painted by Matt’s grandfather

22 thoughts on “February goals wrap up report (and a reveal)

  1. Lovely job! The paintings look great against that simple background. (Please excuse our “butting in” – it must be the art director in me [now retired] – but we can see a nice runner carpet in the hallway: a Persian design in wool, but with very muted colors, or even a simple sisal mat would look really great on the tiles.) The lights look very elegant.
    Our February accomplishment was to finish archiving all our photos from the time we moved to New York City in 1976! The binders fill the whole top shelf of our “Mae West” All-teak Side Table. Now we’re faced with the same project with a another huge pile of photos, all from our son and daughter-in-law in Germany, beginning in 1994, including the obligatory grand-kid shots. Gotta buy more 3-ring binders, and get it done before mid-April!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. A runner would definitely warm it up.

      Congratulations on archiving all of your photos. Nearly 40 years of photos! What a big job. I’m sure it’s nice to have them all organized now. Almost ready for your grandson’s visit!

  2. Congratulations! The lights are fantastic and the paintings really pop against the walls. Looks truly lovely and even better that the paintings are family heirlooms. (And I second Dave & Sharynne’s comment – a wool runner would be pretty). Our February accomplishment was the downstairs hall closet. Built, installed, and filled. Now it’s on to the clothing closet upstairs.

  3. That looks fantastic! I also love the oil-rubbed bronze against the white and pale grey. The light fixtures are gorgeous. The art enhances the setting, and the setting enhances the art. 🙂 I was also looking at your lovely hallway and thinking how nice a runner would both look and feel, under your toes.

    My February accomplishment has been yet more down-sizing, and making our bed frame taller (it’s made from 2×10’s. It used to be 10″ tall and now it’s 20″.) We’ve downsized our tons and tons of Christmas ornaments and decor down to enough bins to fit in there. Not the funnest of jobs, but helpful.

    • There are lots of different options at lots of different price points through Home Depot. I was really surprised how similar they all are. I don’t think I sacrificed any style going for the cheapest version. And the quality seems very good. I recommend them.

  4. I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a question I have about the schoolhouse pendant light fixture you hung in your kitchen. I have been thinking about ordering that one online from Home Depot in Canada as well, but we have sloped ceilings in our kitchen and I was wondering if it is adaptable for sloped ceilings? I’ve scoured everywhere online to try and find the answer but haven’t had any luck so far. Also, would you know if it is possible to shorten the rod on the fixture?

    Thanks so much for your help! Just discovered your blog this morning and have been reading back through the archives!

    • Hi Leigh. I’ll take a look at my fixture when I get home tonight to see about the sloped ceilings issue. (I actually ordered a second fixture that’s not installed yet, so I should be able to give you a really definitive answer). The rod is adjustable in length. I think we have it pretty much as short as it will go. I’ll measure it tonight and let you know the exact lengths. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I’m glad to have you reading.

      • Alright. I unpacked my extra fixture and took a close look at it. I don’t think it would work on a sloped ceiling. The top flange (not sure what it’s proper name is) is attached to the stem with a nut. You could loosen it off, but I don’t think you’d get much beyond a 10 degree angle. The light without the globe is 18″ at its shortest setting. To shorten it further, you’d have to take apart the light and maybe hacksaw it. I’m not confident that would be possible. Well, it would be possible, but I’m not sure you’d be able to put it back together afterwards.

        HD has a pretty good return policy, even for things you order online, I think. So you could always order one and judge for yourself.

        Good luck! Feel free to ask more questions if there’s something else you’d like to know.

  5. Thanks so much for all your help Julia, it was so kind of you to go to all that trouble! I think I will search for something else since it sounds like it may be too much trouble to “hack” it 🙂 Thanks again and looking forward to following your adventures on your blog!

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