The furniture in my wallet

I have a few key pieces of furniture that I’m on the hunt for. I’m fairly particular about what they look like, but what size they are is even more important.

To avoid constantly running to my measuring tape, I sized up all of the spots that need furniture. Then I typed up the measurements, printed them out and slipped them into my wallet.

Keep track of furniture measurements with a slip of paper in your wallet

Whether I’m in a thrift store, at the office or browsing online (all places I’ve found furniture), I can reference this slip of paper and know if those nightstands, that sideboard or that table will fit where I need them to go.

Of course the other key part of this is carrying a tape measure with me at all times.

Carry a tape measure with you to size up furniture no matter where you are

Since writing this list, I’ve actually been pretty successful at finding the furniture that I’m looking for. Since taking this picture, Matt found the cabinet for the laundry room (which we assembled yesterday), so I can cross another item off the list.

Keep track of furniture measurements with a slip of paper in your wallet

I’m sure there’s an app for this, and I know I could just save the measurements on my phone, but I’m old school. Plus, there are lots of times I forget my phone or let the battery die, so paper is actually more useful for me.

In fact, now that most of my first list is crossed off, I’ll be printing myself a new one. Next up on furniture most wanted: a cabinet for the dining room.

How do you keep track of furniture measurements? Who else always has a tape measure in their purse?

10 thoughts on “The furniture in my wallet

  1. Great idea. Would work for table cloth dimensions too….can’t tell you the number of times I have been out and can’t tell which size tablecloth I need to fit my table!

  2. I also keep a tape measure in my purse. It’s extremely handy. I’ve taken lists of measurements like that around, but they are usually of windows for fabric, or walls for shelf lengths, tiles, etc. When I whip out my tape measure I feel like a good girl guide – always prepared! (I don’t need to get out more, not at all…)

  3. Such a great idea! I am not that organized. Sometimes I might write some notes on a notecard or post-it note, but I don’t keep it in my wallet and I usually end up losing it.

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