Easter egg

As we wrap up Easter, I thought I would share a special family heirloom that has figured in our annual celebrations for as long as I can remember.

This antique silver egg coddler belonged to my grandmother. Every Easter, she would display it on her coffee table.

Antique silver egg coddler

I like to collect silver, so I was very honoured to add this piece to my collection when my grandmother passed away.

This dish is notable for the bird and her nest that form a kind of handle at the top the large egg. This bird was never attached when I was growing up. At some point, it had broken off, so each Easter my grandmother just perched it on top of the nest. A few years ago, I found an outstanding silversmith, and he was able to rebuild the bird’s legs and put her back on her nest. There are still some obvious quality issues with the dish, but I didn’t want to make too many repairs given the age of the piece.

Silver bird on top of an antique egg coddler

When you lift off the lid, inside there is a frame to hold six (very small) eggs.

Egg holder inside a silver antique egg coddler

I believe how this would have worked was you would fill the inside with boiling water and place your eggs in the holder. At the bottom of the dish, there is a spot for a burner of some kind, which would keep the water hot and cook the eggs.

Antique silver egg coddler

I have no plans to coddle any eggs, but I do plan to display it every Easter. It’s a piece that I treasure.

Do you have any Easter traditions in your family? Have you ever used an egg coddler? Does anyone else collect silver?

4 thoughts on “Easter egg

  1. Wow, that’s a really special piece to have. What a great way to honor and remember your grandma. I don’t have a lot of Easter traditions with my family, but growing up we would always visit my grandparents on Easter Sunday. My grandma would always hide eggs for us kids, and she still does so now for her great grandchildren.

    For the past 7 years or so my husband and I have gone on a camping/hiking trip every Easter, even if it’s just a local hike. It’s something I really look forward to.

  2. I always thought “coddling” was a funny word for a cooking method! I’ve never seen an egg coddler before, so that was very interesting. My family has had lots of Easter traditions over the years, but for now we’ve let go of many of them. Some will come back as grandchildren arrive.

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