April report

It’s the last post of April, so time to report on my accomplishments for the month.

My plans for April consisted of a few leftovers from March and a theme of “green.” So how’d I do?

Finish the projects for my home and work offices

I just can’t seem to motivate myself to complete the last few details for prettying up my work office. But my home office is getting much more organized and looking much prettier.

  • Add organizers to the new dresser and start filling the drawers – Done April 27
  • Make bulletin boards for my home and work offices – One done April 20
  • Recover the shade from my work office desk lamp

Fabric covered bulletin board

Don’t spend any green (on the house)

  • I didn’t spend any money on the house (I had purchased all of the supplies for my office projects long ago). In fact, I didn’t spend much money at all… aside from a completely unnecessary parking ticket. Country girl goes to the city and forgets the side of the street you can park on depends on whether you’re in the first or second half of the month… argh.
  • We spent a whole lot of green on the solar panels. As much as it hurt to write the massive cheque, we were very happy that we were able to pay for them in full without borrowing any money.

Solar panel array

Go with green projects

  • The solar panels are obviously about as green as we can get. Our hook-up was delayed by one day, but on Friday the inspector cleared us, and we were connected to the grid.
  • For my office projects, I was able to reuse some supplies I already had like spray paint, fabric and the boxes I made into dividers.

Start planning for a green (outdoor) project

  • At the start of the month, I said that I’d like to get a few quotes to see if it’s possible to get some help to clear the brush from the east shore of the pond. I’m not going to be hiring any help until our bank account recovers from the solar payment, so I’m back to DIYing it. Anyone have a bush hog I can borrow?
  • On the DIY front, two gardens have been weeded. Two more gardens have been de-edged of stones. Some of the grass has been raked. Brush has been cleared off of about half the vegetable garden area. And our free trees have been planted.

When I set my goals for April, I said that I was giving myself a bit of a break. Last Saturday afternoon, I actually crawled into bed and took a nap–unheard of for me. Even though I gave myself permission to take it a bit easier this month, I still feel I did a lot in April.

What did you do in April? Who else is getting organized? Going green? Saving money?

4 thoughts on “April report

  1. I still am so excited for your solar panels!

    This country girl would have a real problem with parking in a big city! You can only park on certain sides of the street on certain days? Yeah, I would have several tickets!

    Down here we have several rental places to rent big equipment like bush hogs, big sanders, cement mixers. We are going to rent a stump grinder for a whole weekend for about $75. Do you have something like that up there?

    As for yard work, we have mowed our yard 3 times and tilled the garden once. I am ready to tear up some ugly landscaping soon!

    • The first half of the month you can park on the east side of the street, and the second half of the month it switches to the west side. The really bad thing is that this was in my old neighbourhood, so I really should have remembered.

      We have rental places around here, but I don’t know if our go-to shop rents big equipment like bush hogs. We’ve rented an auger before. I’ll have to go in and ask. We need a stump grinder too!

      I can’t believe you’re already mowing and gardening. We haven’t even detached the snowblower from the tractor yet (although that’s more laziness than actually needing to use it). We’re a few weeks away from mowing, likely.

  2. Way to go, you got tons done in April! I love your bulletin board, that fabric is gorgeous. Also, how excellent that you didn’t have to go into debt for your solar panels. Maybe you’ll earn a bunch from them and be able to get your pond brush cleared after all. 🙂

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