June project plan

June’s project might seem a bit unexpected. Weather has finally turned nice. Summer is almost here. Now is the time to be working outside.

However, this month, I’m going to turn my attention back inside to an area you haven’t seen too much of in a little while… the basement. The basement renovation was the big (all-consuming) project for Year One. That was not last summer, but the summer before. As with any renovation, there are still some finishing touches yet to be completed, even two years later.

This month’s project is the basement doors. There are 10 doors in the basement. Two of them are standard colonial style. The other eight (five of which you see below) are basic slab doors. Boooooooring.

Slab doors

All of the doors need to be painted. Smudges, scratches and yellowed paint make them look pretty shabby, especially next to our nice white trim.

Smudges on white doors

Even more than paint, the slab doors need an injection of personality. I think their personality should be a little bit country, so I’m taking inspiration from barn doors.

Barn door options

Sources: 1, 2, 3

A simple raised Z or X detail would be easy to apply, wouldn’t interfere with the hinges or knobs and would fulfill my interior design philosophy that every room needs at least one rustic element.

So the plan for this month is as follows:

  1. Figure out design for the doors – By June 6
  2. Buy material (and hopefully the store staff will cut it into strips for me) – By June 13
  3. Cut strips (if I have to) – By June 14
  4. Remove doors – June 14/15
  5. Remove hardware – June 14/15
  6. Trim the bottom of the door to the electrical panel closet (since it rubs on the carpet) – June 21/22
  7. Install strips on the doors – June 21/22
  8. Buy new ORB hinges – By June 27
  9. Paint the door jambs – By June 27
  10. Spray paint old knobs ORB – By June 29

You’ll notice that actually painting the doors and rehanging them are absent from this list. This is because my secret plan is to get the doors ready to paint, but then pass them on to Matt. He painted all of the doors in our last house, and I think it would be good to continue the tradition. Don’t you?

This probably is more of a one week project, rather than a one month. However, stretching it out will give me a chance to do some work outside still. It would be hard for me to spend the whole month of June indoors.

Have you ever dressed up basic doors? Are you on board with the barn door trend? What’s on your to-do list for June?

6 thoughts on “June project plan

  1. My grandfather cut boards of different widths, chamfered them, and covered all the doors in the kitchen with them, then added the same Z straps and wrought iron pulls and straps that looked like strap hinges. I think this was the 70’s, so rustic doors may be a trend but they’re definitely a recurring one!

  2. Oh, somehow I missed this post. I think it will make a big difference to the look of your basement. I’m with you, I think slab doors are just so boring. I think they make a house look suburban in a bad, 70’s kind of way. And I agree that having Matt paint the doors should be preserved as a tradition 😉

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