Magic beans

My husband is now known as Matt of the beanstalk. Or at least Matt of the magic beans. We have a little ways to go until we have actual stalks.

Our fields have been planted with soybeans this year. After tilling the soil, our farmer spread these little turquoise seeds.

What is this?

After a night of rain, they shifted from round beads to a shape more resembling beans.


Then the beans split.

Sprouting soybeansSoybeans

And now, a week after planting, a few sprouts have begun coming up through the soil.

Sprouting soybeans

Fee-fie-foe-fum. Fields of beans, here we come.

Has anyone out there grown soybeans? Or seen them in your area? Are you planting any new plants in your garden this year?


4 thoughts on “Magic beans

  1. Down here in Illinois, if a field doesn’t have corn in it, it has soybeans. We have fields on all four sides of our house and this year we have corn to the south and east but soybeans to the north and west.

    My boyfriend sells seed and chemical to farmers, and he farms for a friend of ours. He has 80 acres left of beans to plant and he will have everything in the ground. But lately, just as soon as it dries enough to get back in the field, we get some more rain!

    Good luck on your crop of magic beans! 😉

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