Behind the scenes on vacation

This past week has been my second holiday of the summer. It’s been a wonderful time with Matt, Baxter, Ralph and the farm. I’ve spent some time with family and had a few projects, of course.

Here’s a few highlights what’s been happening this week.

Vacation photos

  • Cheering on my sister as she runs her first race since having a baby this spring. She did 5K in 22:30–a great time that was fast enough to come second in her age group!
  • Checking out a new dog park with Baxter. He had a chance to play with not one but two of his most favourite dogs ever–Great Danes.
  • Taking a mini getaway to Orillia to visit Matt’s brother and sister-in-law.
  • Uncovering a family of baby mice in my closet (no picture, you’re welcome). Not how I wanted to start my Sunday morning. It wasn’t a fun experience for Matt either, who was in charge of removal.
  • Revisiting some classic (for me) ’90s TV and signing two new books out of the library.
  • Playing in the annual office softball game… until we got rained out… and rained on. My favourite wings for dinner made up for being a bit soggy.
  • Helping my father-in-law cover his pool for the season. The water was 64 degrees (about 17 celsius). Brrr.
  • Working on my bookshelf makeover with my Dad, clearing a big pile of firewood and weeds from around the old firepit and finally getting my cold cellar work room organized.

I tried not to be too ambitious with my to-do list for this vacation. So I’m also trying to be okay with not spending as much time on “projects” as I could have this week. I figure I could take a good six months off work and keep myself busy every day.

I think I’d make a really good retired person.

What were the highlights of your week?

11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes on vacation

  1. That sounds like a really great vacation! You had a mix of everything!
    I took a few days off this past week too. My boyfriend’s twins turned 13 so we had a family party then we took them to St. Louis to watch our favorite baseball team the Cardinals! And we went up in the Arch!

    I just finished reading Labor Day by Joyce Maynard and I just requested The Hundred Foot Journey from my library too Margaret!

  2. I’m also practicing for retirement, but I’m thinking I’m closer to the actual thing than you are! 😉

    The answer to mice are cats. No mouse would dare enter our abode with the puss patrol! Even spiders don’t stand a chance. And yes – they eat the spiders, but not the mice. Once in awhile, a mutilated spider will appear on my pillow as a gift, but not too often. 😀

    • Ralph took care of the nest once it was outside. I don’t mind having an indoor dog, but I’m not a fan of indoor cats… even with mice. The few times Ralph has come inside, she’s been in a hurry to get out (as in trying to jump through the closed dining room window). She’s most comfortable in her barn, and she does a good job of keeping rodents and birds under control out there.

  3. I haven’t had a truly relaxing vacation in a really long time, which is my own fault. This is a good reminder for me to make sure to schedule time off, even if it’s just for relaxing at home for a few days. I do have Monday completely off next week with nothing scheduled. Can’t wait!

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