Un-Labour Day

First post of the month means it’s time for another project. But I have something different for you this time around. You see, September’s my birthday month, so I’ve decided to give myself a break.

Of course, there’s still lots to do around here, and since I actually like to spend my time doing things, I will keep myself busy.

Finishing my bookshelves is at the top of the wishlist. My birthday was always my rough deadline to have the shelves completely set up and all of my books unpacked. Having my books back will be like reconnecting with old friends. I think that’s a pretty good gift to give to myself.

Bow on box of books

We made some really good progress this weekend. Matt and I painted the living room. The outer frames of the bookshelves are all primed, and I should be able to get two coats of paint on them today. The shelves themselves will come this week.

Painting the bookshelves

So despite this being an unlabour month, I was pretty productive this Labour Day weekend.

What were you up to this weekend? What are your plans for September?

4 thoughts on “Un-Labour Day

  1. Happy birthday, whenever it comes! We were finishing off a camping trip on Labour Day – our first holiday in about three years. We went to Tofino and Ucluelet on the west coast of the island – so amazing! I’d never been. It’s like another land, with way bigger mountains, giant trees, fog, mist, cliffs and fine-silt sandy beaches with incredible foamy surfing waves. Just breath-taking. I’m glad I’d never gone because it was amazing to feel like we’d gone to another, enchanted land when we were only about six hours from home!

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