Family photo display

One of the biggest hits at our month-before-Christmas party over the weekend (aside from the food) was a family photo display that I added to the living room. Everyone who came to the party spent time looking at the pictures.

Family photo display

It was neat to see my young nephews, who never met their great grandparents, getting to know them a little bit more through their pictures. I liked talking with Matt’s uncle about my family and introducing him to some of my relatives.

The photos sit on the sideboard behind the couch. Some frames face the living room and some face the dining room. The frames mostly came from Value Village. In the store, the smaller frames (for photos 4 inches by 6 inches or less) are bundled together and sold for just a couple of dollars. Which is great, because I think the smaller frames work best for a display like this since I can squeeze in more photos. (And I already have plans to add a few more frames).

Family photo display

To fill the frames, I chose a mix of pictures from Matt’s and my families. My Mom and I spent a fun afternoon a few weeks ago going through all of our old albums so that I could pick out some of my favourites.

Family photo display

I love having our family members with us. It was great to see everyone at the party on the weekend, and it’s nice to have the reminder of them in the pictures throughout the year.

How do you display family photos?


8 thoughts on “Family photo display

  1. I love your pictures! When I moved in (2 years ago) Steve did not have one single picture hanging on the wall or setting out. I am slowly trying to remedy that! I would like to do a big collage on the wall but he is not so sure. So I will have to keep showing him cute examples on Pinterest!

  2. I love that picture of the kids and the duckling! So cute. We have a photo “gallery” in our hallway. It’s a small hallway that leads to the bathroom and bedrooms. The ceiling height is quite low, but one of the walls is a nice big open square, so we hung the pictures in a cloud group, going lower than what’s usually seen. I also included Sharon’s horse brass in the grouping and a wall decal that says “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself”. Our frames are all different, but mostly white (good old spraypaint!) and matted. They’re a mix of old and new pictures, and the blend of our families. It’s one of my favorite parts of our house.

  3. I have a display of family photos displayed on our tv cabinet and I just added pictures from my niece’s wedding last spring. I’m sure she will love seeing them when she comes for Christmas. I am always pulled toward a family photo display when I enter a home. They tell the story of the home.

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