Notice the past tense on the title of this post? We are ready for winter here at the farm.

… Well, I’m not ready for cold and dark, but the house and the property are.

I had a small project list for November.

  1. Make sure all of the gutters and downspouts are winter-ready.
  2. Remove the mower deck from the tractor (and maybe attach the snowblower).
  3. Add some protection around our new trees.
  4. Turn off the outside water taps.
  5. Take off the window screens.
  6. Transition the mudroom to winter mode and get the winter clothing out of storage.
  7. Set up the bird feeder on the driveway turnaround.

I am thrilled, proud, excited, relieved (choose your adjective) to share with you today that every single one of these tasks is done.

Here is some photographic evidence to prove it.

Patchwork brown and white downspout that regularly fell apart replaced with white downspout that’s securely screwed together.

Fixing downspouts

Weeping tile rabbit/weed eater barriers around all of our littlest trees. (How to: Cut section of weeping tile approximately 12 inches long. Slit it vertically (a sharp utility knife works well, but it takes patience). Wrap the weeping tile around the bottom of your tree).

Use weeping tile to protect trees from rabbits in the winter

Bird feeder in the ground, full of food and accepting customers.

Chickadee at the bird feeder

The thing I’m most excited about is seeing the birds at the feeder. Last year, it took them until Christmas to find it. This year it took them a day. As usual, the chickadees are the bravest, but a pair of cardinals has joined them as of last weekend.

Are you all ready for winter? What have you accomplished? Or what’s still outstanding on your to-do list?

5 thoughts on “Winterized

  1. Way to go! Isn’t it such a relief to be ready? We put the snowblade on the fourwheeler and started and prepped the generator last weekend when we had a little warm spell. Afterwards Steve kept saying how good it felt to get those nagging chores done!

    I love that little bird feeder! I have one out but it doesn’t provide the shelter like your’s does….hmmmm….I may have to spend some time in the wood shop.

  2. What a nice feeling, to be ready! We are partly ready. We’ve put that plastic wrap over our bathroom window and vent, and bought a little electric fireplace. The garden is partially ready, the winter clothes are out, and Sharon made three enormous pine cones covered with bark butter for the birdies. But there are still a few things left to do.

    I’d love to see a picture of a cardinal in your feeder! We don’t get them here at all.

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