Colour of the year

Maybe it’s because I don’t drink wine. I’m not feeling it for marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year announced last week. (Admittedly, it could be some of the weird photography on their site. More on that below–all in good fun, of course).

Marsala, Pantone's colour of the year

This muddy, dull red seems old fashioned, but I don’t know what era I’d put it in. I don’t see myself putting too much of it in the farm.

Sarah Richardson used some muddled marsala-like tones as accent pillows in the living room of her farmhouse, and they look great. I’d love to do a bunch of jewel toned velvet pillows for the couch in our living room. But jewel toned means brighter and deeper to me. Marsala is just too dull.

I think marsala’s best hope is as an accent colour… or fashion or makeup. Or Sarah Richardson. She can make everything better.

What’s your opinion on marsala? Do you see yourself using it anywhere?

And just for fun, because I truly am puzzled, what story do you think Pantone’s trying to tell in the Tasteful Hue section on the marsala page?

My theory is a love triangle between a stubbled florist (his apron doesn’t say chef to me), an oblivious tipsy strawberry blond and an apparently headless person wearing a marsala-toned bow blouse.

My thoughts on last year’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid.

16 thoughts on “Colour of the year

  1. I agree. I am just not feeling that color at all. It looks like red velvet that has sat in the sun and faded. I couldn’t picture using Orchid anywhere last year, and I feel the same on the Marsala.

    And the advertisement photos are just weird!

  2. I like your story. I would add that the blond isn’t oblivious, but is doing it to enact revenge on headless marsala blouse. When he leaves the room, that’s when she puts her head down (on the table?) and laughs up into marsala blouse’s face (that is if she has one.)

    Yeah, that marsala is a weird colour. And they’re trying SO HARD to sell it! But the photos are 100% unnatural. I think I would describe that colour as a “brownish plum”. Not my first, second or even third choice!

  3. I believe that apron guy and headless marsala girl are married, and the drunk redhead just made a pass, and he nearly fell for it.

    I like the color, but only as an accent. Now, when people ask me about my fireplaces, I will be sure to describe them as marsala. It sounds snooty and pretentious that way, and I am all about snooty and pretentious. 🙂

  4. Hi. Your color sense is as well-developed as your humor sense is droll. Loved reading your comments. But we have nothing against “marsala” as a color; it’s more a case of disdain for Pantone as fashion arbitrator. (I was a user of Pantone products for years, as a professional, and they do have their proper place in that world.) Sharynne had some raw-silk fabric she’d collected 30 years ago; she decided to make a top from it, but didn’t like its ecru color, so she dyed it a with a mix of brown and red (I think), and it came out with a lovely, soft, “marsala” hue – which I myself really like!

  5. When I saw the photos that you posted of the girl leaning over the coffee table I thought it was weird and I was instantly turned off but I did go to the webpage and I don’t know I am kind of feeling it with the light blue. Not sure I would use it myself but I do like it. As for color of the year. hmmmm…I don’t see it being that

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