Home Goals 2015

I have to admit I’m a bit chuffed by how well we did on my Home Goals 2014. We got a lot done! However, I also have to admit I’m a bit tired. In 2015, I’m hoping to take it as it comes a little bit more.

I of course still have projects, but I’ve tried to pick some smaller ones this year.

I’m also going to try to be a little more flexible and not feel like I have to do a different project every month, each with its own schedule and deadlines. Yes, that worked for me in terms of getting things done. But it wasn’t always the most fun.

So in 2015, I’m trying to find the balance between the complete loosey-goosey failure of 2013 and the rigid productivity of 2014.

As is my tradition in my annual Home Goals post, I’m going with inspirational pictures, rather than reality.

Master bedroom

This project is a carry-over from 2014. We haven’t done any updates to any of the bedrooms, and I think the master is a good place to start.

Black, white and gold bedroom

Source: Chez V (found via Little Black Door)


  • Buy a queen size bed Done… except it grew to a king!
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Patch ceiling and walls
  • Paint ceiling, trim and walls
  • DIY a headboard
  • Relocate light switch
  • Replace light fixture
  • Make/find window treatments
  • Paint dresser and replace hardware
  • Refresh dinged up closet doors
  • Decorate and personalize

Basement art

This is definitely a light-weight project. The basement reno finished two years ago. It’s time to do a little more decorating. The eclectic enamel basin “art” I added to the laundry room highlighted how bare the walls are elsewhere. I have ideas for some simple, fun art that will really finish off the space.

  • Build a shadow box frame for Matt’s infant PJs in the laundry room
  • Print and frame a pair of playing card posters for behind the games table
  • Build a big chalkboard for score-keeping in the long room where the ping pong table and dart board live
  • Make some classic board game-inspired art for the long room (not surprisingly, there’s a long wall that would be perfect for some art)


I made some good progress on the furniture front last year. There are still a few more pieces that I’d like to make or find this year.

Pottery Barn Benchwright inspired coffee table from Ana White

Source: Ana White

  • Dining room hutch
  • China cabinet for my office
  • Coffee table for the living room
  • Chairs for the dining room

Vegetable garden

A vegetable garden has been on my list every single year. It has to happen this year. It just has to.

A beautiful country vegetable garden from Country Living

My dream, dream, dream vegetable garden. Source: Country Living

I’ve come to the conclusion the problem is that we have 129 acres, which means a lot of outside work. I also live in Canada, which means a very narrow window in which to complete that outside work. I say, “This weekend I’ll do this. Next weekend I’ll go over here and do this.” Before I know it, it’s July, summer is half over, and I still don’t have a vegetable garden.

So this year, the plan is the garden and only the garden. Forget about the flower beds. Forget about the rock piles.

  • Start the vegetable garden.

And in keeping with my plan to be more flexible (planning to be flexible isn’t an oxymoron, is it?) that’s the end of this year’s goals. Some other projects may sneak in, but I think I’ve got room for them.

In addition to being a bit more flexible about this year’s goals, I have one more over-arching goal: spend less money.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that Matt and I are pretty frugal in a lot of areas. However, we do splurge at times. 2014 had a few big splurges, mostly the solar panels and the fireplace. Our bank accounts need to recover from those projects, so I’m declaring this year Frugal Flexible ’15.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2015? What projects would you like to do around your house? Are there any tips to share about balancing flexibility and productivity?

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6 thoughts on “Home Goals 2015

  1. That master bedroom inspiration photo is great! Having the popcorn ceiling removed is huge too. You have the fun part left. We removed popcorn in our CA house. Not fun…

    I like the shadow box for the baby clothes idea. I have a pair of knit lederhosen that belonged to Andy. I just keep moving them from box to box. Maybe that is what I should do with them.

    I’m with you on the garden. We are in a similar zone, so perhaps we can motivate each other.

  2. Your 2015 posts sound like a good mix of productivity, practicality and self-care. I’m excited to see what you do with your veggie garden this summer. The inspirational photo is lovely!

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