Tractor tag team

We had a snow day last Monday. A free day. Such a luxury.

Another luxury? Not having to shovel our own snow.

Wiley has his snowblower, but he wasn’t feelin’ it last week. Fortunately, on days when we get a big snowfall our farmer usually comes by to plow us out.

Now I love our little tractor, but I’ve learned that I have an appreciation for true heavy equipment. Any time our farmer comes by is an opportunity to admire a new tractor. On our snow day, it was a huge double-bladed grader.

Grader plowing the driveway

This thing made quick work of the snow. Quick that is until it tried the bend at the end of the turnaround.

Grader stuck in the snow

The curve is deceptively tight and there was an icy layer under the snow. The grader ended up stuck. (No tractors or hydro poles were harmed in the plowing of this driveway).

Grader stuck in the snow

No worries though. This was just an opportunity to admire another tractor. Mr. Front End Loader pushed Mr. Double-Bladed Grader back into alignment, and then FEL finished off the driveway for us.

As of yesterday morning, Wiley is running again. He tidied up the top of the driveway and then pushed back the snowbanks at the bottom of the driveway. We’re all set for the next snow day. There’s another coming, right?

Have you had a snow day yet? How do you handle shoveling at your house?

6 thoughts on “Tractor tag team

  1. Last year we had tons of snow, but this year we have not had nearly as much. We have a snow blade on the front of our fourwheeler, but we haven’t even used it yet. Last year we had enough snow to keep me home from work one day, that NEVER happens!!!

    It looks like you were lucky that that grader did not take out your electric pole!!

  2. Everybody will probably hate me, but we have snowdrops in the garden and even some cherry blossoms. The funny thing is that I LOVE a big dump of snow, and especially a snow day! We had no snow at all this winter, and I gotta tell you, I really miss it. (Though not enough to move back to Alberta…)

  3. Just got back from visiting grandkids in Deutshcland: there were 6 inches of snow on the ground when we got there, and the kids skied the local slopes, where they plow the roads but don’t salt them. By the time we left it was well above freezing, all the snow had melted, and the front yard was full of snow drops and beautiful crocuses! On returning to New York we found seriously-below-freezing temperatures and 10 inches of snow on the ground. We don’t even have a snow shovel! The city is bad at plowing and salting our little dead-end street; after the last snowstorm our landlord plowed it himself with his little mini-bulldozer.

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