Accidental demo

So I started to take apart the sunroom last weekend.

Inside the sunroom

It was a bit unexpected. I mean, we’ve always been planning to demolish the sunroom. However, I wasn’t planning on doing it now.

I opened one of the patio doors and it just fell apart.

Broken patio door on the sunroom

Broken patio door on the sunroom

The door is just one of the problems with the sunroom. Allow me to share the other reasons the sunroom is not worth saving.

Weeds growing inside the room.

Weeds growing inside the sunroom

Rain dripping inside the room.

Rain dripping inside the sunroom

Moss growing in the carpet inside the room.

Moss growing inside the sunroom

Glass shattered over top of the room.

Shattered windows in the sunroom

The sunroom is pretty disgusting. We haven’t used it, except for the very first week we owned the house. The heat was out, and the sunroom was the warmest place to have lunch–yes, we were that desperate.

Knowing the sunroom is coming down, we’ve not worried about maintenance. (Nor about finding a better spot for the skids leftover from the fireplace stone yet). So this view makes our house look a bit more derelict than it actually is.


The eyesore isn’t going away any time soon though. Matt patched the door back together and stuck it back in place. And hello, driveshed reflection.

Broken door propped in place

So my impromptu demo turned out to be a bit premature. We’ll have a sunroom for a little longer yet.

What’s the biggest eyesore at your house? Have you ever unexpectedly demolished anything? Do you have sunroom? Does anyone else have vegetation growing or rain falling inside your house?

9 thoughts on “Accidental demo

  1. When I first started reading, I couldn’t believe you were going to tear that down! But looking at the pictures and your description, I can see there are many problems and you probably have no other choice. Bummer!

    I had a little hallway in my last house that was covered in 70’s paneling. I came home one evening (probably after having a bad day) and decided that paneling needed to come down! It came down fast and I was happy that night, then the next morning when I had time to think about the whole process and how long it was going to take to get it back how I wanted it, I was a little upset that I made such a rash decision. I am sure my Dad wasn’t thrilled when I said, “Hey dad, I tore down the paneling and plaster and lathe in my hallway can you help me hang a few sheets of drywall?” 😀 But he of course is a trooper and he helped me and a few weeks later my hallway was the best looking part of my house!

  2. For my parents’ house, which might be relatable to you, there was a hole in the kitchen ceiling for the first 9 years we lived there. The rest of the room was a hodge-podge of halfassed updates: hunter green wallpaper, mustard yellow countertops, and a fake parquet vinyl floor whose finish was worn off. My mom used to wax it weekly to keep it looking presentable. But they wanted to put out the big bucks for a full redo, not a light sprucing up.

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