A buzz in the back meadow

The meadow behind the barn has popped out in a mass of wild flowers.

Wildflowers in the meadow behind the barn

Baxter and I enjoy walking the path that Matt keeps mowed around the edge of the field. With the flowers blooming, the air is filled with the sound of buzzing bees.

Bee in the wildflowers

Bee in the wildflowers

Bee in the wildflowers

Now if only we could find their honey… I love comb honey.

Matt and I have talked about adding hives to the farm. That’s definitely a someday project though. For now I’ll enjoy the fields and the flowers and the bees and the wonderful walks.

Do you have wildflowers blooming at your place? What’s your favourite walk in your neighbourhood? Do you have bees flying around? Who else is a honey fan?

8 thoughts on “A buzz in the back meadow

  1. Love the wildflowers. I don’t have a big enough yard to allow wildflowers, but there is a forest at the top of my street (you know the area) that does have some. I love them.

    My aunt bought a farm a few years ago in Northern BC and last summer (or this spring) they added an apiary to their growing list of farm products (they farm for their own use only – their goal is to live off the grid as much as possible). If you need advice on bees, let me know. I am going to send your blog to my Aunt – you guys would probably have a lot in common!

  2. How pretty your walk is! I love bees. We have a huge yard and have thought of keeping hives as well – the poor little guys need all the help they can get right now. (Did I hear right that Ontario has now banned the neonic pesticides? Great news, if so.) I’ve never tasted comb honey but I’m sure I would love it!

  3. Love the wildflowers! We have a ditch that we can’t mow with the mower and Steve hates weedeating it. So I think I have him convinced to plant a wildflower mixture next year! I am really excited about the idea! I have wanted to raise bees, my cousin does about 30 minutes from here. But we have so many other things that keeps us busy, I am not sure we can take on bees right now!

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