Last hurrah

We’re officially in the last days of summer.

However, summer isn’t letting go easily here at the farm.

The lilies, which finished blooming at the beginning of August, have pushed a few buds out in the last week.

Yellow lily blooming in September

One random shasta daisy, the one I somehow missed when I trimmed the dead flower stalks, popped out in bloom too.

Shasta daisy blooming in September

Notice the sedum blooming like crazy? Sedum and lilies and daisies don’t usually bloom together.

Sedum blooming in September

When I was taking these photos, a particularly resilient mosquito even appeared. They just won’t go away!

Mosquito biting my hand

Summer is my favourite season, so I’m not ready to let it go any more than my lilies and daisies are. However, I’d be happy to lose the mosquitoes.

What signs of the season are you seeing your house? Do you have any late bloomers in your gardens? Anyone else have mosquitoes still hanging around?

5 thoughts on “Last hurrah

  1. It’s so strange to see a daisy still hanging on! The only thing blooming in my yard right now are mums and my hydrangea bush still has one beautiful blossom!

    I don’t have nearly enough flowers planted in my yard!! 😉

  2. It sounds like you had a second round of blooming in your lilies. Isn’t it great when that happens? Did you see any of the big fall phlox in the garden centre when you went? They’re quite different from the spreading groundcover ones that bloom in the spring.
    One nice show we have coming together in the garden at the moment is a sedum and a salvia. The purple spires against the spreading pink clusters are strikingly attractive. We’ve also got a few mums popping out. Fall is definitely here!

  3. Your photos are beautiful. It is starting to feel like “fall” (the San Diego version of “fall”) because the leaves are dropping and it’s noticeably darker in the evenings and mornings. I love fall. It’s my favorite season.

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