Praying mantis

The other weekend, while working outside, I felt a tickle on the back of my neck. I craned my head around and managed to catch a glimpse of the tickler: a praying mantis.

Praying mantis on the back of my neck

Because of course. Out of all of the vegetation available on the farm, why wouldn’t you land on the human?

I think praying mantises (plural?) are really neat insects. Sightings are relatively rare, so I’m always happy to see one.

Praying mantis

Eventually, it flew into the garden where the camouflage was much better. Just look at how it blends in with this lily. The brown and yellow and green tones are so similar.

Praying mantis camouflaged against lily leaves

Nature’s pretty cool.

What insects and animals are you seeing around your house? Who else likes praying mantises? What’s the best example of camouflage you’ve observed?


8 thoughts on “Praying mantis

  1. It’s funny, I have seen more Praying Mantis this year than I ever had. They are so interesting, and it is so funny how they crane their heads around.

    Flies are the most irritating around here now, I think they are coming inside to avoid the cold. And I am also starting to see Woolly Worms!

  2. That’s pretty cool – I have never seen a praying mantis (except at the Bug Zoo.) They’re really neat.
    We have spiders…many, many spiders! They are all coming in to get out of the cold, in to our garden apartment. Yesterday we had one that was almost as big as a ping pong ball (legs included.) I’m not afraid of them, and always put them outside instead of killing them. Without them we’d get even more eaten alive by mosquitoes in the summer, so I’m grateful!

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