Birthday birdbath

Everyone who guessed last week got it right. Our new addition at the farm is our birdbath.

As usual, when it came to my birthday last month, my wishlist was pretty short–as in there was only one thing on it. This year, what I wanted most was a top for the birdbath.


The base has been here at the farm all along, but we’ve not seen any sign of the top. It probably broke sometime ago, so we resigned ourselves to having a new top made.

Concrete birdbath

A house down the road has a sign out front for pre-casting and a yard full of concrete animals, fountains and birdbaths. They said yes, they could cast us a basin.

Concrete birdbath basin

I picked out a design that I liked and that I thought would work well with the base. About a week later, they delivered the birdbath (delivery was so helpful, as it weighs about 3 tonnes).

Concrete birdbath

It’s obviously the end of birdbath season here in Canada. So we’ll be tucking this away for a few months, and I’ll be getting my morning bird-watching fix from the birdfeeder.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to finally have a complete birdbath. Thank you, Matt!

Do you have a birdbath at your house? Have you ever had anything cast in concrete?

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6 thoughts on “Birthday birdbath

  1. Hi, and Happy Birthday, Julia!! What a beautiful bird bath ! It looks like a flower in full bloom. I am so happy for you as I know how much I enjoy watching the birds bathing in my bird bath. We’re trying to figure out how to keep fresh water running into it in the summertime for them as it gets soooo HOT here in South Carolina.

    I was admiring your Standmon chair from a previous birthday and noticed a wood-burning insert in the fireplace. Was wondering if this fireplace is in your basement ??? Anyway, you have a lovely space to curl up and read a good book!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • The Strandmon lives in the basement, but the wood burning insert used to be in the living room. About a year ago we redid the fireplace and the insert is no more. It’s a whole saga based on a lot of personal preferences because we removed a woodstove from the basement and then went for a traditional open hearth wood burning fireplace in the living room. We didn’t need them for heat, so just enjoy the fireplace for atmosphere. Even without a fireplace in the basement, the reading nook with Strandmon is very cozy.

  2. Happy birthday! The birdbath is lovely, and like Sarah said, I would never guess they hadn’t come together. I think it’s great you found a way to give the base a new life.
    We have a mismatched base and basin. Our basin is mosaic tile, very pretty, and the base looks like a concrete tree trunk. We’ve got a couple other extra bases around as well. One holds a planter and another, Sharon’s concrete Buddha. They’re great for lifting things a bit higher so they can be seen among the other plants and flowers.

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