Gate crasher

This intersection is at the east end of our property.


For some reason, it’s a challenging intersection. Maybe the signs disappear every so often. I dunno. But cars frequently come straight through the intersection and end up in the ditch (note how the grass doesn’t grow here because it gets torn up so often).


However, last week, a car missed the ditch and instead ended up in our field. The problem was the gates to the field were closed at the time, so a gate, two fence posts and a few dozen feet of fence ended up in the field too.

The driver was fine. Our gate, not so much.

Field entrance

Dude must have been moving because the fence and posts are deep in the field.

Broken gate

And the posts are very, very shattered. The biggest post is actually broken in two pieces. Insane.

Broken fence posts

Even the metal hinge that’s almost an inch in diameter snapped.

Broken gate hinge

Car parts and shards of the posts are scattered through the field.

Car parts

Is that???

VW decal

Yup. It is.

VW decal

The field is far enough from the house that we didn’t actually see the accident. We found out about all of this when a police officer showed up at the house on Saturday afternoon. I got a quote from our farmer on how much it’s going to cost to fix the fence and the gate, and I called Mr. VW to discuss where we go from here. He’s supposed to drop off the money this afternoon. Fingers crossed he follows through.

8 thoughts on “Gate crasher

  1. Holy toledo! That’s crazy. He must have been doing 140 or so, to get that kind of velocity going. If he doesn’t drop off the money, can you go through insurance? I assume the police have his info.
    Is that your little red barn in the second picture? I’ve never seen your farm from the side like that.

    • We called insurance first, but despite all the damage the quote is less than our deductible, so even though it’s not our fault, we’d have to pay up.

      The red barn is our closest neighbour, so as cute as it is, I can’t take credit for it!

  2. It’s so strange that that would be such an issue – those signs look pretty prominent to me & there is even a light at the end of the street. Hopefully the driver does what he promised.

  3. It’s funny how that works. When our tree fell on the neighbours roof it was their insurance that would have to handle the claim because it was their property that got damaged. Our insurance said since there was no damage to our house they had nothing to do with it.

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