Lunch with a side of architectural salvage

We had a couple of birthdays on my staff at the start of the year, so one of my team booked a lunch to celebrate. My staff always pick the restaurant, and this time they let me know I was in for something special.

They were right.

The thing was–and this is what my team knew–it wasn’t actually the restaurant that I liked best (although the food was very, very good). It was what it was attached to–a giant salvage yard.

Salvage yard

The yard was full of beams and bricks and who knows what else. We didn’t explore outside and instead prowled through one of the barns.

It was four floors, but we only took time for two (it was a work day after all).

There was a floor full of doors. All kinds. All sizes.

Salvage doors

There were barn doors too, and I was sure to snap pictures for Matt.

Salvaged barn door

Although I more wanted him to see the price tags as opposed to the doors themselves. We have an assortment of barn doors at the farm, and I think this is a reason to take care of them.

Barndoor price tag

I loved seeing all of the options for reclaimed flooring. Lots and lots of really cool floors. This is just a small sample of the selection.

Reclaimed flooring

This one was particularly cool. Flooring from the floor of an old gym–complete with the original paint lines. Aren’t the colours neat?

Reclaimed wood floor from an old gymnasium

Beyond the wood, there were tubs, sinks, hardware and all kinds of other things I barely had time to glance at.

Architectural salvage

My team knows me well. I could have spent a whole day there, and I’m excited to go back to really explore.

If you ever find yourself in Waterloo, Ontario, make sure to check out Timeless Material Co. (and be sure to visit the cafe too).

Do you have a salvage yard near you? Have you ever bought architectural salvage? Would you use gym flooring in your house?

6 thoughts on “Lunch with a side of architectural salvage

  1. Hi Julia, Just thought that I would let you know that the wood floors at the cottage are from architectural flooring. They are over an inch thick . Bill and a friend of his put them down…a hug job as they were all pretty rough and so needed sanding.

    Cheers, Helen

  2. What a neat idea for a restaurant! Somebody was thinking. The closest I’ve come to that is the Habitat store, which is tiny in comparison, and with far less interesting finds. I would say, based on that price tag, you definitely should take care of your barn doors. Would you consider putting any of them in your house when you renovate, or would you sell them maybe?
    As for a gym floor…maybe not. I mean I would if that was my option for hardwood floors I would, but I think I must have too many bad memories from gym class to appreciate the very thin plank aesthetic!

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