Farm-iversary 4

As I write this the dog is asleep beside the fire. The cat is in the barn. The house is cozy. I look through the window and in the glow from the barn lights I can see the snow covering the ground. Beyond that there are trees, trails, fields, ponds, creeks. Together, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted when I thought of home.

Sunrise over the farm

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day the farm became ours.

Four years ago–actually long before that–we knew this is what we wanted. But the idea of a farm was abstract. We had no idea what it was to have a farm. Nor did we have any idea how much it was right for us.

So many people seem to share that dream of moving to the country. And it’s a beautiful dream.

The reality is also beautiful. In many ways it’s our dream come true. But in many ways it’s also more than we ever dreamed of.

While the reality is beautiful, it’s also hard–and we’re not farmers. This life, this type of property, this atmosphere isn’t for everyone. I think often that I’m so glad we’ve been able to hack it. We can handle the work. We can handle the drive to get anywhere. We can handle the winter… and the mosquitoes (summer) and the mud (spring) and the clean-up (fall). We can handle the complications and the scope and the challenges.

I don’t know how to describe quite what this farm means to me or what it’s like being here.

Matt and I in front of the farm

Matt and me on home inspection day 4 years ago

I’m grateful that Matt and I have been able to make this happen. That it’s turned out to be right for us. That we’ve made our dreams come true.

This is not the post I planned to write for our farm-iversary. And I want to add disclaimers about more work to do and renovations and landscaping. But tonight those don’t seem to matter. Four years ago, I started to live one of my dreams. It’s been a pretty amazing opportunity. Something I don’t take for granted and that is incredibly meaningful for me. And I guess I wanted to say that here.

12 thoughts on “Farm-iversary 4

  1. What a lovely post. Happy Farm-iversary! I’m going to add one more thing to be grateful for – that you and Matt held the same dream. That’s another lucky and special thing. So glad you are on the farm, not only living there but caring for the land and preserving it for the future. There’s something about land…many people have lost sight of how important, how critical and crucial it is to our very existence. How when we are out in nature, or like you, living on our own small piece of the planet, we become attuned to a much larger clock and calendar, that of the seasons and moon and sun. There is something very elemental about it, which is why some of us keep holding the dream, whether or not we get there. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! And that sunrise over the fields…beautiful!!

  2. Hi Julia and Matt,

    Great post to-day. I could feel the emotion. I did not see a sunrise this morning. That picture is beautiful.

    All the best for your next year!

    Lots of love, Auntie Anne

  3. Congrats on your four year farm-iversary! I grew up in Toronto, in a condo with all the fixin’s and I must say, I wouldn’t give up our little bit of land for all the amenities in the world!

  4. Congratulations! Our dream is to buy a ranch in Montana. We are not farmers or ranchers so we will have to continue to make our income in other ways, but to be in the country with land and animals is our dream as well. This is a good reminder to get going on that dream rather than saying “some day soon.”

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