Close encounters of the turkey kind

Matt has a thing for wild turkeys. So you can guess that this made his day.

Wild turkey looking in the window

For me, walking into the laundry room and seeing a turkey peering through the window was a bit disconcerting.

Wild turkey looking in the window

Teri showed up about two weeks ago. At first, we saw turkey tracks all around the house. Then we saw the turkey.

While turkeys are usually shy and private, Teri is social and curious.

She clucked around outside the kitchen window while I was making my breakfast the one morning. And then she walked around the house to pace in front of the dining room when I sat down to eat.

According to the footprints in the snow, she has even climbed right up to the kitchen window sill.

As I’m not inviting a wild bird in for breakfast, we’ve sprinkled some grain in the side flowerbed where she seems to spend most of her time.

Wild turkey tracks in the snow

Teri’s presence took a bit of getting used to.

Matt, Baxter and I each spooked her several times in the first few days after her arrival. Having a turkey erupt right in front of you and violently woosh-woosh-woosh her wings as she attempts to lift off and fly to the nearest tree is possibly even more disconcerting than having the same turkey attempt to help with the laundry.

She appears to spend her days doing laps around the house. We’ve gotten a bit accustomed to each other, and she doesn’t spook quite as much anymore. We’re also conscious to check where she is and try not to infringe on her personal space.

Wild turkey walking around the house

Baxter doesn’t have quite the same sensitivity and wants to get as close to the turkey as possible. There have been long staring sessions into the woods beside the house (where she sometimes retreats when we come outside) and lots of conversations about “no, you can’t follow the turkey tracks.”

I gotta say, there are moments when I ask, “Is this really my life?” Even though it’s sometimes disconcerting, I love living here.

“What do you mean ‘disconcerting’?”

Wild turkey hen

17 thoughts on “Close encounters of the turkey kind

  1. We have seen a few turkeys in our yard over the years (along with deer, rabbits and a few other critters), but none have come up to the windows! Our dog’s bark usually tells them they should keep moving. And since Sarah from Illinois will be reading this, we won’t talk about snakes!

  2. We haven’t had any turkeys that close to the house. Although, now with Treu gone, we are getting wild animals a lot closer to the house than before. There were some turkeys out in the field the other day but thankfully, they weren’t peeking in my windows!

  3. This might be a turkey vulture rather than a wild turkey. A wild turkey can’t fly higher than low tree branches, and has feathers on its head and the neck waddle. A Turkey vulture has no feathers, can fly, and does not have the waddle. Just a thought, as I have seen both in my area.

    • We’re pretty sure she’s a turkey–a young one, but a turkey nonetheless. We get turkey vultures around the farm every so often, and you’re right, they can definitely fly. Teri is not really built for flight. Hence the woosh-woosh-woosh when she attempts.

  4. Well, this would freak me out for sure as I have a “bird phobia.” We had a flock of buzzards nest in a dead pine behind my husband’s shop and as I ate breakfast one Morning, I looked up to see two sitting on our fountain outside kitchen window. We tried firecrackers to frighten them, air horn and shouting. Nothing worked until wind finally took tree down.

  5. I gotta say…I think that’s the coolest thing ever! I would love to have a turkey peeking in my windows. Every time I saw it I think I would laugh. And that’s worth something! 🙂 Poor Baxter, he is learning he has to possess his soul in patience, and that’s not easy for a doggie!

  6. Haven’t seen any wild turkeys in a long time living in San Diego. In Fargo, there were quite a few that would gather at a few parks, and to be honest I was scared of them! They seemed very confident (and huge!) and they would stare down my dog and move forward defensively. Ha! Like Lynn said, I too have a bird phobia for sure! They freak me out, big time. They must know I’m scared.

    Teri seems nice.

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