Shoe tree

In the city, shoes dangling over the wires mean you might not be in the greatest neighbourhood. Out here in the country, we do things a little differently. Although I’m not sure what the meaning is of the shoe tree.

Literally, a tree covered in shoes.

Shoe tree

There are fancy shoes and casual shoes. Big shoes and little shoes.

Shoe tree

Sandle shoes and boot shoes and fuzzy shoes.


And of course, Canadian shoes.


I think the fact that we have a shoe tree says less about the neighbourhood and more about the people who live here.

Crazy country folk.

8 thoughts on “Shoe tree

    • Is it wrong to feel that mugs are weirder than shoes? I dunno. They’re both pretty weird. I haven’t added to the shoe tree yet, but I have this compulsion to now. I feel like it would make me truly part of the neighbourhood maybe.

  1. This is near where my parents live and we randomly found it one day. It seems to gain more shoes continuously over time. Not sure what it means either, but there’s a geocache there ( Apparently, there’s a tree like this near Paris, On too!

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