Xs and Os

Saturday morning, I headed out bright and early for the Christie Antique Show. This annual event is the largest antique (and vintage) show in Canada, and it’s right in our neighbourhood. In fact, the conservation area where it’s held is one of Baxter’s and my favourite places to hike.

However, there was no hiking on Saturday. There were thousands and thousands of people and hundreds of vendors. Plus no dogs allowed.

I enjoy going to this show, but I have a confession. I’m not good at buying things. I’m not the type to buy something just because. And I’m not looking for anything specific right now.

So instead of shopping, I ended up playing, “What do I have already and how much is it worth?”

I think we all do that when antique shopping.

Some things I was blown away. A carved leather purse similar to one my MIL gave me was listed for $75. (Audrey, do you want it back now?) A vintage metal pedal tractor that my Dad has (not mine–it was his as a kid) was anywhere from $275-490.

Others were more reasonable. A silver butter dish similar to my butterfly dish was just $10. Snowshoes, which we got from my FIL, which decorate our mantel every winter were about $30. (Steve, do you want them back?) Metal card catalogue-esque drawers like I got from an auction a couple of years ago were everywhere and about $60.

Metal pedal car tractor

Carved leather purse

Metal drawers

Silver butterdish

Despite feeling like I already have everything I need–including some great benefactors–I did come home with one thing. I saw this little tic-tac-toe game on the edge of one of the booths. I’d been thinking about a tic-tac-toe artwork for the basement. But something more than a picture. When I saw this and it was only $10, I took the plunge (after offering $7). My plan is to hang this on the wall above the cabinet where we keep our boardgames.

Tic tac toe beanbag game

Did you do any shopping this weekend? Do you play the “what’s it worth?” game when you go shopping? Do you like to go antiquing?

10 thoughts on “Xs and Os

  1. I love antiquing, but don’t have your difficulty with buying, sadly! I’ve had to pass on many things I’ve bought in order to de-hoard my home. I also play the “what is it worth?” game. And sometimes I play the “what could it be worth if I fixed it up and sold it? game….not a good plan for someone who has too many projects already sitting around!
    I like your tic-tac-toe game as well. Can it be played as well? Visiting kids might like that.

  2. I am more of a “looker” than a “shopper” myself. I often think, ” I have one of those at home, I could ________ (paint, stain, repair, repurpose, etc) it to look the same!”

    Your tic tac toe game looks cute as a decoration and even more fun to play.

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