Happy Canada Day!

Today, I and my fellow Canadians are celebrating our country’s 149th birthday.

I’m also celebrating because I’m a new contributor to homify.ca. homify is a new online platform for housing and construction. The goal of the site is to connect architects, designers, builders–all of the professionals you need–with house and apartment owners.

My first homify.ca post is appropriately Canadian: ideas to incorporate a bit of Canadiana into your home decor.

(I totally want this eh! pillow for my house).

Eh pillow

Source: Samphire Bay

To my fellow Canadians, happy Canada Day. To my American readers, happy almost Fourth of July. No matter what nationality you are, happy weekend, everyone!





4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Happy Canada Day!
    I recently read an article questioning pride in Canada, and rightfully so, given that we now know our education has fallen far short in regards to the cultural genocide of First Nations people. However I am choosing to feel good about the fact that we are trying as a nation to address this problem and acknowledge the wrongs, and working to make things better now. Not trying to put a downer on Canada Day, but my thoughts have been so full of this that it is very relevant to me today. So although it was on June 21st, I would also wish people a happy National Aboriginal Day!

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