Gotcha Day 3

Last week marked three years since Baxter came to live with us.

Inspired by Tracey at Oh Melvin and Yo Jake, I have a tradition of writing a letter to Baxter on the anniversary of his gotcha day. Now that I’m writing for, I decided to share my letter there this year.

I invite you to visit to share in the love.

Baxter and me

Want to look back at how we got here? Here are my letters from year 1 and year 2 and Baxter’s adoption story.



2 thoughts on “Gotcha Day 3

  1. Lovely letter! Baxter has turned out such a good fit with you guys.
    We got Bear when he was two. Other than the huge expense of his allergies and medication/special food, he is a great fit for us. He loves to be with us, no matter what we’re doing (except vacuuming, haha!) He loves his daily walks, and spends hours sitting by Sharon when she is not well. We love him so much. Yay for good dogs!

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