Front porch dreaming

One of the things I most want to add to our house is a front porch. I think a porch is essential on a farmhouse.

Farmhouse front porch

Source: homify

Plus, I dream of watching summer storms roll across the fields, starting my day with breakfast outdoors and ending my day relaxing in a rocking chair.

Until that day comes, I’ll continue dreaming, imagining and planning. I recently wrote about how to create a functional and stylish front porch on homify.

Do you have a porch? Want a porch? What makes the perfect summer porch for you?



9 thoughts on “Front porch dreaming

  1. You already know my parents’ screen porch. I’m a big fan of the screens. We are often out back on the patio and have to retreat to the porch because someone’s getting eaten alive. But my favorite thing about them (because I don’t get many mosquito bites) is that in all but the most violent storms, they catch the rain and you feel like you’re outside but don’t get wet. That said, my mom said she would never want a screened in front porch as it would take away from the entrance to the house. If you can manage any kind of a wrap-around porch it would be nice to screen in part of it.

  2. I think that will be wonderful once you get your porch. And that was a nice article! Makes me wish I had a porch, for sure.

  3. About ten days ago I decided to clean my front porch, the ceiling and the walls. It was quite a bit of work. I had only wanted to sweep it-the cobwebs, dead bugs, live bugs, etc. Since I had everything clean, I decided to paint the porch. We painted one shed dark gray last year and had another shed in mind to paint this Spring, so we had the paint. After a short time I realized it would take two coats, so I would need more time for a project I had not planned to do in the first place. But it is looking very good and I hope to finish tomorrow on my day off. Having a porch is like having another room in your house-with all the good and extra work that involves!

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