Raising Monarch caterpillars

We added two new members to our family last week.

Meet Kevin CATERPillar and EdWING Encarnacion.

(I advocated for Troy TuloWINGSki, but it was deemed too hard to pronounce. For anyone who needs an explanation of their names, refer to the Toronto Blue Jays roster).

Monarch caterpillars eating milkweed leaves

These are little Monarch caterpillars that I found walking our fields. They started very small–just a few millimetres long. With fresh milkweed every day, they’ve been packing on the weight and the length.

Since I found them as caterpillars, I have no idea how old they are. According to Karen at the Art of Doing Stuff who did a series on raising monarch butterflies, Kev and Ed will spend 10-14 days at the caterpillar stage.

So far, I’m loving seeing how much they grow every day. I’m really excited about seeing the chrysalis stage.

I’m also excited to see their namesakes live this week. Matt and I are heading to the Jays game on Thursday. Kevin CATERPillar and EdWING Encarnacion will be staying home.

Have you ever raised a Monarch butterfly? Who else is a Jays fan? What Jay/Monarch names can you come up with?




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