Five standout houses from homify

I’ve been writing for for a few months now. As a home reno and decor junkie, I love going behind the scenes on amazing houses from all over the world.

Here are a few homes that I’ve written about that stood out so much that I had to share them with you.

I love the idea of being involved in a barn conversion–especially when the result is as beautiful as this barn in the Netherlands.

country Corridor, hallway & stairs by reitsema & partners architecten bna


The tiny house movement is not something I can see myself participating in, but it was neat to see how every “room” of a house could fit into a single shipping container.

rustic Houses by Cristina Menezes Arquitetura


Container homes are very much not my style, but this one from Northern Ireland came with sheep and a cow, so it appealed to the country girl in me. Plus it has an amazing suspended bathtub that looks like a hammock (!).

modern Houses by Patrick Bradley Architects


I love a good before and after, and this Portuguese home was full of them.

translation missing: Schools by SHI Studio, Sheila Moura Azevedo Interior Design
translation missing: Schools by SHI Studio, Sheila Moura Azevedo Interior Design


And my most recent post, a restored rustic farmhouse in Northern England, complete with a beautiful country kitchen.

by Linda Joseph Interiors


Check out all of my posts.

Country or modern, rustic or sleek, what home styles appeal to you?

6 thoughts on “Five standout houses from homify

  1. Somehow I’ve fallen off your email list! I haven’t gotten anything from this post onward. Can you fix it??

    I’m looking forward to checking out these posts. Homify sounds like a perfect fit for a writing job for you!

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