Home security in the country

Private property sign

I’m very conscious that we’re a little bit removed from things here at the farm. Removed from neighbours. Removed from the road (which I’m standing at in the photo below).

Farm set back from the road

Someone can be at our house–for example a burglar carrying away our TV–and no one would know.

When we first moved to the farm, we heard from a few people that most houses in the area had been broken into at one time or another.

No trespassing sign

We were also very surprised by how many people drove up the driveway, just inviting themselves onto our property.

The biggest step we took to make sure the farm is secure is adding a gate at the bottom of the driveway.

Gate at the bottom of the driveway

It’s a low tech solution, and someone can easily walk around the gate and up the driveway, but they’re going to have to work pretty hard to carry our TV away.

Gate at the bottom of the driveway

Padlock on the gate

I’m also conscious of other simple security techniques, like leaving a car in the driveway if we’re out (article found via Chris Loves Julia).

Worse comes to worse, this doormat (found via Decor and the Dog) might be an option.

How do you handle security at your house?



6 thoughts on “Home security in the country

  1. We have several methods of security. First, we inform neighbors if we are going to be away. They stay on the lookout for anything strange. Next, we have motion sensing lights outdoors and cars parked in the driveway. Indoors, we use lights on timers. Lastly, we have a dog, and we get a house sitter when necessary.

  2. We always leave a light on when we go out, plus there is the dog. He would probably just jump around any burglars in great excitement, but they don’t know that. He’s pretty big, and anyone trying to get in the door would see him through the door’s window. Other than that…umm….insurance? 😉

  3. Definitely neighbors are our first call. Even though they live a little distance away, we make them aware of when we are leaving and who will be in and out taking care of our pets. That way they are not alarmed when they see strange vehicles stopping in. I also give one of them the phone number to my parent’s. That way if something feels off they can call them and someone can be there quickly.

    And also lights on timers.

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