Tips to create a stylish and dog-friendly home

I recently wrote an article for homify that combines my two loves–dogs and home decor. (My husband is another one of my loves, but that’s a post for another time).

I know that many of you are also dog lovers, so I thought I’d share my tips for creating a stylish and dog-friendly home. From dog beds (complete with a trio of super cute dachshunds) to dog showers, there’s a whole range of ideas–and cute puppy photos.

I’d love to hear what makes a dog-friendly home for you.

For many people, home isn’t home without a dog…

A dog-friendly home is one that is comfortable for both its human and animal occupants. There should be a balance of style and function and–good news–it’s easy to have both.

Read my tips.

What makes your home dog-friendly? What do you wish you had that would make your home friendlier? (For me, it’s definitely a dog shower in the mudroom).

11 thoughts on “Tips to create a stylish and dog-friendly home

  1. I love that article Julia, it hit on so many things we are dealing with. Blitz was not originally going to be an outside dog. But our soft hearts got the best of us!

    We have laminate or tile throughout our house so other than a few area rugs, our place is easy to clean.

    Blitz is NOT allowed on the furniture, but he has a few beds in different areas of the house, so he is never without a place to be comfy.

    And finally, it would be my dream to have a mud room/dog wash area! Fixer Upper had a gorgeous room a few episodes ago!

    • Awww. Good for you and Blitz. Bax was not allowed on the furniture but then our soft hearts got the best of us.

      I saw that episode of Fixer Upper too–stayed up way past my bedtime because of the promise of a dog shower. In the muddy spring and fall seasons where we’re washing feet pretty much every morning, I long for a dog shower! Plus in the summer I can see it being handy for my dirty garden feet!

  2. Very nice article! I agree, a dog shower would be excellent. I like that leather couch for doggies. I don’t think it would be too hard to make something like that.

  3. Some of my top things that come to mind: house designed for ease of baby gate installation, an airlock area before any outside door (to give dogs and guests space before greeting with time to close the door safely), scratch resistant paint on the walls, a low water faucet in a bathroom or kitchen for ease of dog water dish filling, a washing machine that can easily handle dog beds and towels, a good ventilation system (because having one really helps the permeating smell of wet dog on a rainy day).

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